Something fishy is going on here!

So at long last it happened. My very own fabric designed by little old me has arrived!

To say I am a little bit excited and a little bit chuffed would be an understatement. It's awesomeness itself and if I didn't already own it I would be rushing to buy it myself!


So, now I actually have this deliciously beautiful and pristine fabric I have to pluck up the courage to do something with it. It's not so much the doing something with it that's troubling me, I suppose it's more the first cut - the infliction of the first incision. What if it all goes terribly wrong? Oh the pressure...

I always feel like this about new fabric, but somehow when it's something you have lovingly crafted and slaved over to produce it makes it seem even more precious and therefore even more of a daunting task. Maybe it's just me. 

I haven't quite made that first cut yet - I just wanted to take one more look at these cute little fellows in their original condition before I begin. I am feeling some creative vibes and will need to get going before I lose this new found confidence. Watch this space...